Our Mission

The Munter lab is interested in novel molecular mechanisms that could be utilized to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. We are focusing on cellular pathways involving Regulated Intra-membrane Proteolysis (RIP). RIP pathways involve fascinating proteases which cleave substrates within the plane of cellular membranes.  

Our research focuses on three main aspects: 

1) the investigation of basic biological mechanisms of RIP

2) RIP pathways in Alzheimer's disease with the aim to reveal novel potential drug targets, and 

3) the investigation of lipids and lipid metabolizing proteins on Alzheimer's pathology.

Excessive reservations and paralyzing despondency have not helped the sciences to advance nor are they helping them to advance, but a healthy optimism that cheerfully searches for new ways to understand, as it is convinced that it will be possible to find them.
— Alois Alzheimer