Publications of Lisa Munter in PubMed

Selected Publications

Luu L, Ciccotosto GD1, Vella LJ, Cheng L, Roisman LC, Multhaup G, Hill AF, Munter LM, Cappai R (2018). Amyloid Precursor Protein Dimerisation Reduces Neurite Outgrowth. Mol Neurobiol. Apr. 19 doi: 10.1007/s12035-018-1070-4. PMID: 29675574.

Girouard H, Munter LM (2018). The many faces of vascular cognitive impairment. J Neurochem. Mar. 144(5):509-512. doi: 10.1111/jnc.14287. PMID: 29430652. Preface to a Special Edition on Vascular Dementia that I edited.

Paschkowsky S, Oestereich F, Munter LM (2017). Embedded in the Membrane: How Lipids Confer Activity and Specificity to Intramembrane Proteases. J Membr Biol. Dec 19. doi: 10.1007/s00232-017-0008-5. PMID: 29260282

Paschkowsky S, Hamzé M, Oestereich F, Munter LM. (2016) Alternative Processing of the Amyloid Precursor Protein Family by Rhomboid Protease RHBDL4.  J Biol Chem. 291(42):21903-21912. 

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Munter LM (2016). How many amyloid-β peptides can a neuron bind before it dies? J Neurochem 36(3):437-9. doi: 10.1111/jnc.13502.

Oestereich F, Bittner HJ, Weise C, Grohmann L, Janke LK, Hildebrand PW, Multhaup G, and Munter LM. (2015) Impact of Amyloid Precursor Protein Hydrophilic Transmembrane Residues on Amyloid-Beta Generation. Biochemistry                          May 5;54(17):2777-84    10.1021/acs.biochem.5b00217

Iulita MF, Allard S, Richter L, Munter LM, Ducatenzeiler A, Weise C, Do Carmo S, Klein WL, Multhaup G, Cuello AC. (2014) Intracellular Abeta pathology and early cognitive impairments in a transgenic rat overexpressing human amyloid precursor protein: a multidimensional study. Acta Neuropathol Commun 2:61.

Munter LM, Sieg H, Bethge T, Liebsch F, Bierkandt FS, Schleeger M, Bittner HJ, Heberle J, Jakubowski N, Hildebrand PW, and Multhaup G.  (2013) Model Peptides Uncover the Role of the beta-Secretase Transmembrane Sequence in Metal Ion Mediated Oligomerization.
J Am Chem Soc 135:19354–19361.

Hua H, Münter L, Harmeier A, Georgiev O, Multhaup G, Schaffner W (2011). Toxicity of Alzheimer’s disease-associated Ab peptide is ameliorated in a Drosophila model by tight control of zinc and copper availability. Biol Chem. 392(10):919-26.

Botev, A, Munter, LM, Wenzel, R, Richter, L, Althoff, V, Ismer, J, Gerling, U, Weise, C, Koksch, B, Hildebrand, PW, Bittl, R, Multhaup, G (2011). The Amyloid Precursor Protein C-Terminal Fragment C100 Occurs in Monomeric and Dimeric Stable Conformations and Binds gamma-Secretase Modulators. Biochemistry, 50: 828-835

Munter, LM (2011). 6th Fabisch symposium for cancer research and molecular cell biology-enzymes in physiology and pathogenesis: signaling by secretases. Neurodegener Dis, 8: 41-43

Richter*, L, Munter*, LM, Ness, J, Hildebrand, PW, Dasari, M, Unterreitmeier, S, Bulic, B, Beyermann, M, Gust, R, Reif, B, Weggen, S, Langosch, D, Multhaup, G (2010). Amyloid beta 42 peptide (Abeta42)-lowering compounds directly bind to Abeta and interfere with amyloid precursor protein (APP) transmembrane dimerization. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 107: 14597-14602 *equal contribution of the first two authors

Munter, LM, Botev, A, Richter, L, Hildebrand, PW, Althoff, V, Weise, C, Kaden, D, Multhaup, G (2010). Aberrant amyloid precursor protein (APP) processing in hereditary forms of Alzheimer disease caused by APP familial Alzheimer disease mutations can be rescued by mutations in the APP GxxxG motif. J Biol Chem, 285: 21636-21643

Kaden*, D, Munter*, LM, Joshi, M, Treiber, C, Weise, C, Bethge, T, Voigt, P, Schaefer, M, Beyermann, M, Reif, B, Multhaup, G (2008). Homophilic Interactions of the Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) Ectodomain Are Regulated by the Loop Region and Affect b-Secretase Cleavage of APP. J Biol Chem, 283: 7271-7279 *equal contribution of the first two authors

Munter, LM, Voigt, P, Harmeier, A, Kaden, D, Gottschalk, KE, Weise, C, Pipkorn, R, Schaefer, M, Langosch, D, Multhaup, G (2007). GxxxG motifs within the amyloid precursor protein transmembrane sequence are critical for the etiology of Abeta42. EMBO J, 26: 1702-1712